Monday, August 24, 2009

The fire extinguisher robot

my robot named vinixc able to extinguish the fire because it has a sensor that can detect the existence of a fire he fire.if directly sprayed water through a hose connected to the tank in the water wearing back.selain he can also turn off the fan. energy use way to stay batrei.easy assembled and put the fire wildfire.your programs should not confused how to assemble and enter the program. already on offer from can get it in Jakarta or in shops - the nearest store prices range $ 200, $ 400,500 $ 700 $ -100. I know this from my parents, from television, the book has turned out very good so the fire extinguisher robot if there is a direct fire extinguished by the robot in so do not worry too afraid to wildfire.although he could extinguish the fire but if the fire is bigger than the sensor will be destroyed robot because very very hot fire so will damage the sensor and the robot will explode. will result in losses.if to extinguish the fire in accordance with the power of the robot so as not to damage

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